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Creating designs that look and feel good, communicating the proper messaging. Functional and versatile designs that appeal to your target audience.

What I do

Brand Identity

I design brand identities that encompass what your company is, it's values, and what it strives to be. Customers recognize your company as someone they can trust.

Creative Solutions

Creativity is infused throughout layouts, interactions, colors that speak volumes. Websites that communicate to your customers, resulting in seamless experiences.

Visual Design

Designs that look and feel good, communicating the proper messaging. Functional and versatile designs that appeal to your target audience.

Featured Work


My name is Nathan McCracken, I am a freelance vector artist specializing in brand design. I am currently studying graphic design at Keene State College. I started teaching myself graphic design slowly over time starting in early 2016. I started offering graphic design commissions in early 2017. Since then I have worked with over 100 clients, and the quality of my work increasing with each new project.

Along with my knowledge in graphic design, I also offer simple frontend development services for portfolio pages and one-pager websites.

"This user is a talented graphic designer and I would definitely purchase from again. This user created a logo for my consulting firm."

Mason J.

Founder of Axiomatic Consulting

"Amazing person. Patient, Respectful, & Mature. Also Budget Friendly. Made me gold standard artwork for very cheap."

Caden S.

Independent Music Producer

"Very high, amazing graphic designer. This user put up with me changing my mind many times. Very patient, great individual."

Luke W.

Head Developer of Immortal LLC

"Dealt with this user for a commission. Everything was handled in a professional manner. I'm very satisfied with the product I received."


Independent Java Developer

My Process

I like to gather as much information about the project and establish a quote for the project. Payments must be paid upfront through the approved payment methods.

My turnaround time is generally three to four days.

Any photos featured in the work I provide are copyright free, unless I state otherwise. This is to keep you safe from any legal issues, along with keeping me safe!

All payments are processed through invoicing.

Looking to
start a project?

I am now doing all my customer interactions through Discord tickets.
Using Discord is much better for your customer experience and ease of use.

Please avoid contacting me directly, as I try to keep my client interactions organized in tickets.
My only Discord is Nevit#0001 ID:214009151519588352

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